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Why Should You Use Trading Signals?

What are the reasons for traders using trading signals?

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    Are you struggling to be profitable in your trading? Are you finding that trading is very hard for you?
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    Do you find it difficult to have time to analyse and find quality trades or just having enough time for your trading?
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    Would you like to see how a professional Forex trader execute his or her winning trades?

Hi, I'm Ernest. I am the owner of Forex  Academy which I started around 9 years ago.  I have been trading Forex for more than 15 years and am currently also teaching others how to be profitable Forex traders. We are now offering a new service with a new approach in the area of trading signals.

We have a solution to turn around your  trading and become profitable very quickly!

During the past 9 years we have taught hundreds of people how to become profitable Forex traders and we have gained an insight of why many struggle to become profitable. The reasons can be manifold but in most of these cases the fortunes of these struggling traders could be turned around in a short period of time by using reliable trading signals.

Forex Academy takes a unique approach to supplying signals. In our view there are two kinds of traders that may be interested in signals and so we offer two different kinds of signals:

  1. "INTELLIGENT SIGNALS": On the one hand there are traders who eventually want to become independent traders - not requiring signals anymore. This group wants to understand and learn from the signals that are provided and in time learn to trade like that themselves. They need to understand the strategy that generates the signals and also why trades are taken and why the particular entries and exits.
  2. COPIER SIGNALS: On the other hand there is a group of traders that do not have the time or inclination to trade for themselves and they want as little participation as possible. Their only interest is to make a profit from the signals.


How Struggling Forex Traders can become profitable...

The first step a prospective trader should take is to educate himself/herself on the critical aspects of successful trading. Yes! Even those who plan to use copier signals also. For those who want to educate themselves in Forex trading there are many options available on the market but we recommend you look at our unique training solutions as one of your options. Some of our courses include FREE signals and online sessions and support. Click the button below to find out more.

If you are still struggling....

Even after all your efforts to become a successful trader by yourself you may still struggle to become profitable. This is normal. It sometimes can take many years to become consistently profitable.

If you want to shorten the time to achieve you objective of profitability you can consider making use of our solution that we offer our students as well as other interested parties. This will have the benefit of assisting you to make some money immediately and that will grow your confidence and make you a better trader.

Why Use Our Signals?

There are so many signal providers available on the market - why should we use yours?

Many signal providers are focusing only on one thing and that is win rate. They know the public will buy blindly when they show a high win rate such as 80 - 90%. But what the public do not know is that to achieve those high win rates they can only achieve them by having  NO or very large stop losses with a small take profit target. Furthermore they keep trades open over long periods of time waiting for them to come into profit - but during this time trades can go in high and dangerous draw downs which make signals from these providers very high risk.

We use small stop losses on all our trades to reduce risk. We also trade our own signals to show our confidence and commitment of them. In the case of our "Intelligent" signals we also send a chart with the signal so that the trader can learn from our signals and also avoid any errors in executing them. We also publish the results and a chart after the trade is closed.  (You will notice that we actually traded all the signals ourselves)

What size must my account be to make it profitable for me?

You will be able to afford these signals and make a profit on them even with a small account size.


Let us say that you trade conservatively with a maximum of 2% of your account on any trade and you trade with a low risk :reward of only 1:1.

If your account size is only $1000 and your win rate is on average 70% and you complete on average 30 trades per month. Then you profit at the end of the month will be:

21 win trades at $20 per trade = $420

Minus: 9 loss trades @ $20 = $180

Profit = $420 - $180 = $ 240

So if your subscription fee is $39 pm then you will still make a nice profit of  $201 pm on your trading. 

If you increase your risk :reward and/or account size and/or your number of trades per month your profit will increase accordingly.

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