The "Long Term System" System for low risk trading

The "Long Term System" was designed for traders who have little time to spend on trading and who wants to trade with low risk but high reward. The trades can take days and up to many weeks to complete and the risk: reward can be as high as 1:8.

Learn to trade our signals based on this system intelligently and with full understanding by first learning how the system works. This will make it possible for you to become independent from our signals in time after you have seen how professional traders trade this system.

This example is a new account that has been traded for less than a month.

These real  trading results will be automatically updated on a regular basis as trading happens.

  • Trading in this system is done based on price structure and indicators. 
  • Except for sometimes the moving of a stop loss to break-even or profit we use a "set-and-forget' approach
  • Performance will vary between 0 - 40% of gain on your account per month depending on the market for that month. Average gain over the year should be around 15% per month

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