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You can earn a recurring monthly income for every customer you bring us. We pay you a monthly commission on every subscription you bring in for as long as the customer stays with us.

E.g. Let us say that you sign up a new customer with us at a subscription of $70 per month. For very month that the client pay us you will get 15% commission. That means if you can bring us just 100 customers you can earn $1050 every month which is $12,600 per year.

If your subscribers go up to a total of 2000 subscribers your income will be $21,000 per month or $252,000 per annum.

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Ernest Klokow

I started Forex Academy around the year 2009 to offer training in Forex trading after I personally was trading Forex for about 8 years at that time.

From the start we were serious in offering real value for money and decided that our marketing would be based on word of mouth by delivering profitable traders.  Our mission was defined as "To create the highest percentage of successful traders at the lowest cost to them". 

We broke new ground by offering two 3 month's courses (one full-time and one after-hours) since we realised that people cannot learn to trade Forex in a course lasting only a couple of days. We believe Forex trading is a viable career if approached as a business.

Today we are getting students from around the world who come to us to participate in our unique offerings.

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