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Hi! We are Forex Academy.

We are a leading international Forex training provider that also supply information to traders to help them to become successful and profitable Forex traders

About Us

Our directors are highly qualified Forex traders that have been trading live accounts profitably for between 5 – 15 years. Some of us have previously traded for hedge funds and prop firms with multi-million Rand trading accounts. We KNOW how to make money trading Forex!

We started a Forex training company 9 years ago and have been a leader in this field with breakthrough new approaches to teaching people to trade Forex profitably. E.g. we are the only Forex training company that we know of that offers 3 months full-time Forex training of which a large part is practical trading under the supervision of a professional trader and lecturer. We actually guarantee results if students stick to our methods and rules. (go to our training website https://forexacademy.co.za/)

We realised that even with our intensive long-term training some students still struggle to become profitable in a short period and so we support their efforts by providing essential and critical information to assist them at the beginning stages to trade profitably.

This is what this subscription website now also offers to everybody that wants to become successful quickly by us leading them and guiding them to trade like we do so that they can become profitable much quicker.

Forex trading is not easy at the beginning and students often need all the help they can get to shorten their learning curve to successful trading.

We hope you can also benefit from our services.